Trip to the mall

Went to pick up Bummi after lunch when she was done with her work for today (only working 50% in August) to go to a mall. Problem with having a lot of spare time is that you want to do something all the time so you just end up spending money πŸ˜†

Espresso house’s “Overnight oats” is soo good, if you haven’t tried it you should!
Today’s shopping, it was 50% off so even though it’s not season for it I’m preparing for colder times by buying a sweater! πŸ˜‹

Me and Bummi are celebrating 15 years (!!!) tomorrow, gonna go for a city lunch while her parents are taking care of Illidan for a couple of hours. First time we are “leaving” him but we’ve been at their place multiple times so I’m sure he will feel at home!

Gonna watch some series on Netflix now before it’s time for bed. We’re sleeping quite early since Illidan can decide to wake up at 5am so we’re making sure we are prepared.. πŸ˜„

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