Short Q&A

Got a couple of questions on Twitter and Facebook so I chose 3 of them to answer! 🙂

What about the increasing need for psychology in e-sport teams (and also its practice by unqualified persons)? I’m heading towards this and your insights would be more than welcome.

If I understand your question correct (please correct me if I’m wrong 😀 ) I think a lot of teams definitely could need help with psychology related problems. I’ve experienced and seen multiple pro players crumble during LANs, important games or against specific teams. I believe some organizations (but don’t think there are many) are working with psychology coaches and it’s a step in the right direction. Teams could need help when going through the five stages of team development or making sure to stay healthy to improve the gaming abilities. Regarding practice by unqualified persons it fels like a problem that will disappear over time. When it’s something “new” like this, there will always be people claiming to know things they don’t but when qualified people (like you will be 🙂 ) steps forward it will phase out the pretenders!

Anniversary lunch, I’m not smiling because I had to drive so no beer for me 😛

Can you write about your involvement with Alliance now that you’re a father and no longer an active player? What exactly are your duties as shareholder of the organization?

I’ve been a member of the board since the start (start = when we became owners of Alliance, mid/late 2016) attending a lot of meetings and setting up the structure of Alliance, how we would want to run it, what our goals should be, decide who has what responsibility and so on. Brainstorm/exchange ideas. I’ve had some meetings with potential sponsors and partners, I guess you can sum it up with doing my best to help Alliance grow in areas where I can help 🙂


Write about our hon tournament in Singapore and our street fighter matches

This one was from Black! Haha, well our HoN tournament must have been in 2011 I think? Or 2010. It was quite a bad tournament for us performance-wise but it was fun to hang out! I remember one game where I played safe lane solo and you played Sniper mid 🙂 Also it was the first time I met Kelly 😀 Quite amazing how things turns out, didn’t think back then that me and Kelly would be on tour so much a couple of years later!

Regarding our Street Fighter V matches…. well we played online last year or so and I lost maybe 20 games in a row first time we played? xD But I improved over time! At some point I even won a couple of games but Black was defiantly better than me! We should play Melee next time.. 😛

Also got a question from Snith to write about Chen, I’ll save that to later when I’ve understood how to play and win with him in my pubs. Right now I usually win early game quite hard but aren’t able to close out the games but more about that later 🙂

Hope you all are having a great Monday, I wouldn’t know it was Monday right now if Bummi wasn’t going to work 😀 Hard to keep track when being on parental leave ^^

1 thought on “Short Q&A”

  1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the current state of Chen, even more so now with the recent performance in the TI playoffs!


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