About me

I’m Joakim Akterhall, born in 1988 and currently livs in Örebro, Sweden. I’ve been playing games almost my whole life and love the challenges that comes with it. I started to play Nintendo when I was 3 and have won the the Swedish Championships in Nintendo 2004, 2006 and 2012. In 2012 I also started to play for the esports team Alliance where I was an active player until 2016. We managed to win The International 3 in 2013 which is the most prestigefull Dota tournament.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from studying programming for 3 years and graduated in 2011. I currently work at Nørdlight as a fullstack developer.

Major Dota achievements 2013

1st – StarLadder: StarSeries V, Kiev
1st – Dreamhack Dota 2 Invitational
1st – The Premier League, Season 4
1st – WePlay Dota 2 Tournament
1st – G-1 Champion’s League
1st – Dreamhack Summer, Sweden
1st – StarLadder: StarSeries VI, Kiev
1st – The Premier League, Season 5
1st- The International 3
2nd – StarLadder: StarSeries VII, Kiev
2nd – WePlay Season Two
3rd – DreamLeague, kick-off season, DHW13
3rd/4th – ESL Major Series One, Fall Season
1st – Fragbite Masters

Major Dota achievements 2014

1st – Dota 2 Champion’s League
2nd – StarLadder: StarSeries VIII
3rd/4th – DotaCinema Captains Draft Inv.
4th – Dota 2 Champions League #2
1st – DreamHack Bucharest
4th – WPC League, season 2
1st – DreamLeague, season 1, DHS14
3rd – Dota 2 Champions League #3
3rd/4th – ESL One, Frankfurt
11th/12th – The International 4
3rd – World Cyber Arena
5th-8th – ESL One, New York
4th – StarLadder Season 10, Kiev
3-4th – Esportal Invitational Qualifier #1

Major Dota achievements 2015

2ndjoinDota Masters 15-1
Play it Cool Invitational
i-League 3
MLG Pro League #2
DreamLeague, season 3
ESL One Frankfurt
9-12th – 
The Frankfurt Major 2015
4th – 
Dream League Season 4
3rd – 
The Defense Season 5
1st – 
World Cyber Arena 2015

Major Dota achievements 2016

1st -Starladder Star Series Season 13
7-8th – The Shanghai Major 2016
9-12th – The Manila Major 2016
9-12th – The International 2016
1st -WESG 2016 Sweden Qualifier
2nd -WESG 2016 Europe & CIS Finals

Major achievements in Nintendo

2nd – Swedish Championships in Nintendo (2000)
2nd – Swedish Championships in Nintendo (2001)
5th – Swedish Championships in Nintendo (2002)
2nd – Swedish Championships in Nintendo (2003)
1st – Swedish Championships in Nintendo (2004)
9th – Swedish Championships in Nintendo (2005)
1st – Swedish Championships in Nintendo (2006)
1st – Swedish Championships in Nintendo (2012)

(Tournament info taken from TeamLiquid and Gosugamers)

70 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi Akke!

    Excited to see that you have a new blog up! I wanted to get in touch with you through email but didn’t see any contact info.

    I think it’s great to see some of the best players give us a little insight on their lifestyle and gaming!

    If you’d like, I would be happy to write a post about you and link to your blog on my website. Just let me know via email.

    Looking forward to following this blog!


  2. Hey Akke! I’m your fan from Russia. I noticed one thing, Chen is my favorite hero(im top 67 in db) , previously, I tried to take Chen in ranked AP on 4, or 5 pick, beacause i dont wanna play vs AA, eartshaker, axe or bounty hunter. Now, after 6.86, I take Chen on FIRST pick, and nobody takes these heroes to annoy me(only riki in some games). Why people do this?! When these heroes are not picked, I can do whatever I want, and of course easy to win. Thx
    I read your blog about Chen domination, I also read other blogs about this, but no one mentioned the most important thing – the second lvl holy persuasion can be subjected to two units. Chen has always been strong, to see at least the total number of picks(on datdota)
    but with the addition of two units at lvl 2, I can not imagine how some teams are not even looking in his direction.
    Sorry for my English, and so LONG post) GL in Shanghai! I made for myself a funny remark, and follow him: “Micro like Akke, Save like Puppey, Farming like Aui”. Thank you, your fan from Russia


    1. Hey! Yeah I agree with you that being able to get two creeps when you are level 3 is an important buff to him! The reason why I didn’t bring it up is because it was changed almost a year ago (if I remember correctly) but he still wasn’t picked so much after that. But yeah, without that he wouldn’t be half as good as he is now :).

      Thanks for cheering for us, wish you all the best!


  3. Hi Akke, how are you? I’m writing from Argentina. I couldn’t sleep tonight so i decided to look for information about professional teams, especifically Alliance, and while searching I found many interviews that you did last year, and recently in the starladder! I got really interested about your vision. I mean, how to react and what to do in different situations during a game, and the responses a team needs when having problems or mistakes (supports rules!). I think that you’re a good quality player, that is capable, not only with knowledge and experience, but also with a really good mind power in-game (before and after too, as far as i heard in this interviews!). Without a doubt, I’m glad that I didn’t sleep tonight, as I found out a lot of things about you and Alliance. I hope you finish your book, i think it will be the first book i would buy with my own money :). To end with this message, I want to ask you something. Which is your favorite hero and why? Hope you have a huge success this year, from a support from Argentina :.) !. No, I didn’t end yet. One last thing, i love your IO. Wish you the best in your life, and hope that one day we randomly (or not) get to play a friendly game of dota. I almost forgot, what an awesome aegis deny you did with the neutral creep. History was made there!


  4. Hi akke! Cheers to you and alliance
    !!I wanna ask do alliance gonna participate in we play dota league season 3?i want to know is there any tourney u guys compete until epicenter.really want to watch alliance play! 2 month is a bit long 😦 anyway all the best for you guys! #LongLiveAlliance


  5. Hi akke I’m a huge fan of you and your team, I always read your blogs and I always tweet to you and also watch your games on YouTube. I hope I can get a picture with you and an autograph when you go to the manila majors! I already bought my tickets and I’m rooting for alliance! See you and have a great day 🙂


    1. Det kommer inte vara på Dreamhack utan i deras studio i Stockholm, sen var det en hel del kvalmatcher som vi tyckte var för mycket jämfört med storleken på tävlingen tyvärr.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi 🙂
    My name is Kamila, I’m a student of psychology. I’m interested in Dota 2 players (also one of them:)) Currently I’m writing MA thesis about personality differences between professional and non – professional players.

    I was wondering if you could participate in my research? 🙂
    It will take only 20 min, but you will be huge help for me 🙂


  7. Hej Akke tänkte bara berätta att jag är ett jätte stort fan och hejar alltid på er. Med hjärtat i 1000000bpm så är det alltid spännande att titta när ni spelar. Ville visa min uppskattning och tänkte bara dela med dig av ett tweet jag gjorde för ett tag sen där jag visa upp min nya tatuering, tänkte det skulle vara kul för dig att se den =D. https://twitter.com/edto03/status/689809944116383744


  8. Hello Akke! I was just curious to know that how many hours a day do you practice / play dota at average ? Looking forward to your reply 🙂


  9. Wishing to watch you play beastly Chen again 😁 goodlucky for manila major and soon to come Ti6 Hope you guys be the first team with 2Ti champion trophies


  10. Tjenare Akke, visste inte att du hade en blogg! Ska börja följa den nu! 😀 / Killen som snackade med dig och Jonathan på Joe & The Juice på Arlanda i Måndags!


  11. Hey Akke ! I’m your fans from Indonesia. Since i look at your play as a Chen, i’m trying that hero and i love it ! Can you tell me about your build as a Chen ?? And goodluck at Major and TI !



    1. My build is pretty much always mana boots to mek and after that I see what heroes we face and what we have and try to figure out the best item for just that game. Could be force staff, vlads, aghs, glimmer etc.


  12. Hey Akke ! I’m your fans from Indonesia. Since i look at your play as a Chen, i’m trying that hero and i love it ! Thanks for your inspiration ! And goodluck at Major and TI !



  13. Hi akke. Goodluck on your upcoming events. Bye the way im from philippines but sadly to say im not able to see you during your M&G in manila because of my schedule.


  14. Hi akke. Goodluck on your upcoming events. Bye the way im from philippines but sadly to say im not able to see you during your M&G in manila because of my schedule.


  15. Hey Akke,

    Been a follower of you and Loda since SK gaming back in the old days.

    I attended last TI5 and Loda signed my COLOMBIA (South American country) Tshirt. but not been able to attend this one knowing that you will participate makes me sad and angry..

    I just wish you all the best on this TI and Ofc I want you to be champions, but whatever happens just don’t quit dota yet.. Neither of you, I’m just asking that you can make it for TI7 because I am planning to go next year and it would be very exciting to see and meet you guys there.

    Hope you can read this and give me a positive answer! 😉

    Cheers and good luck! Looking forward to another El CLASSICO!


  16. Hello Akke!

    A big congratz to you in claiming a spot at TI6. Superawesome!

    I just have one wish. Is there any possibility to get the alliance loading screen?

    Lycka till nu!!


  17. Hey there Akke! If you could tell me how you get your hairstyle done, i´d be one step closer from being the perfect human being (You)

    Go Alliance for TI6, hoping to see some sweet Chen


  18. Hey Akke, big fan here 🙂 good luck at the TI! Could I send you alliance t-shirt and could you (and rest of the team if possible :/) sign on it? It would be really cool…


  19. Have you ever think that being a gamer is better than a programmer Mr.akke? and how many programming languages do you mastered?


  20. Hi I’m one of your fans in [A]sia!

    Cheer and have fun with DOTA2 and us fans! Please remember even a TI 16th’s Alliance is still much better than any other team for us, and I guess it is also better for you than being a mobile developer cuz that’s what I work for.


  21. hi Akke!
    It’s really sad and things are not the same anymore without [A]lliance 😦

    I’m your (and your team) big fan – I’ve started play dota 2 after watching TI3 final 🙂 (my first MOBA). Thank you! Thank you for everything 🙂

    I have to ask…It’s silly but…

    Is there any chance to get some poster with you guys for me and my boyfriend? To remember…

    Thank you for being!


    PS; Supports are the best! 🙂


    1. Hey and sorry for the late answer.

      Unfortunately I don’t have any poster to send. Thanks for cheering for us! ^_^

      Best regards,


  22. I’m sorry for 2ble posting
    Hello from Russia, Akke! I’m your big fan and I hope I’ll see you again in some russian tournaments with you as a part of a new team 🙂
    I understand it’s many possibilities to find out information about traveling but I really wanna know your own opinion – what’s ‘must see’ things in Stockholm? It’ll be my first abroad travel and I really want to meet people of other culture.
    Give me some perfonal advices if u can, thank you! 🙂


    1. Hey! Yeah I hope so as well, I really like going to Russian tournaments because they have really nice fans!

      Unfortunately I’m not that familiar with Stockholm so I don’t have any good suggestions :(. Hope you figure something out!



  23. Hi, Joakim (•ω•)
    I’m your fan from Russia.
    (but I really don’t know, why you should know it)
    Thank you for big motivation, that you give me.
    You helped me countinue play dota, thank you so much!
    And actually, I started learn swedish, hah.
    You’re best support, I think.
    And very cute.
    (Sorry for my bad English)
    Lycka till (:


      1. Hi again! (ノ^ω^)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:・゚’☆
        Tack så mycket för svaret (really don`t know, is it correct)
        Are you going to visit Kiev Major?


  24. Hello, Akke

    Long time fan of Alliance here. I didn’t know what was the best way to reach you guys but I noticed that your website is very slow with updates. I would like to volunteer to help out with anything the team may need help with. Now that you’re player-owned, I was thinking perhaps you might need some hands to help with running whatever aspect of the organization you need help with.

    Please contact me via email if you would like to discuss this further.

    Thanks for always keeping us updated with your personal posts!



    1. Hey!

      Thanks for reaching out and that you want to help! Unfortunately we already have people working with the stuff we need but thanks for asking!



  25. Hey Akke, I have two questions if that’s ok:
    1) How long did it take you to get good at DotA?
    2) How long did it take you to go pro?

    I’m only asking out of curiosity, not trying to be pro or anything 😀 Seems to take a long time for people to become good in dota, so it just makes me wonder how a lot of the dota 1 pros came to be, seeing that the game had been out for a lot less time and there were a lot less resources available to learn.

    I wish you the best of luck with everything!


    1. Hey! I’ll answer both questions at the same time. When I started to play, the game was quite new since I played it back in 2005 or something like that so it wasn’t that hard to get good. We were one of the first pro teams out there as well so it’s hard to compare that with today when you have to break into the scene as well. It takes a long time to get the chance to get into the scene and you have to have some luck as well. I guess the easiest way today is to try to get high MMR to get to play with the pros when they are playing pubs and in that way try to get recognized.

      Thanks! 🙂


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