Return of the blog

..for like the 10th time. It’s really been an on and off thing for me but it’s still fun to have if I ever feel like writing something! Changed the layout a bit to make it more clean, removed the sidebar along with some other things. Hope you like it! ^^

I went on parental leave last week since Bummi got back to work. I had vacation the month before that, was nice to get to spend some time together with the family and a perfect transition from working to parental leave by having some time off in between.

I had a long break from playing Dota until a couple of weeks ago. I’ve only played a handfull of pubs at home since end of last summer but I felt like playing a bit again so I’ve played a game every now and then. To my surprise I got to rank 650 or something after calibration but I just had a nice losing streak so down to 815 now. Still fun to try to climb and see where it ends! 🙂 Really enjoy the meta right now, having dual lanes most of the times is a lot of fun with action and kills from the start!

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