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The International 6

A very long time since I last wrote something but I haven’t found the time or felt like it since we started to bootcamp around a month ago. My mind has pretty much just been on TI until now.

Posting this now so you guys have something to read while you are waiting for some great games to be played tomorrow! 🙂

One of the pictures from the photo booth session (taken from @StarvingGamer1).

Before TI we bootcamped for around two weeks in Sweden. We rented a house that was big enough for us all to be able to stay there so it was nice and good to live together to discuss strategies or just hang out in the evenings. EGM told us about the Ursa + WD Roshan strategy that we later on used against Navi and we found out another trick as well that we actually didn’t get to use because there wasn’t any game that it suited so at least we have that left for the future ^^.

Played a bit of Dragon’s Lair for the NES during the flight to Seattle. The game is so bad and good at the same time :D. 

Moving forward to TI it felt great to be able to go there again. Last year when we didn’t make it through the qualifier was rough, it’s hard to sit at home watching everyone else compete when you want to and have really tried to be there. We stayed at a hotel in Bellevue – I really like that area in Seattle. It’s the forth time I’m staying there (TI2, TI3, TI4 and TI6) so I know the place quite well where there are places to eat, shopping mall, Starbucks etc. You recognize a lot of the staff from Valve that are working with the event, it’s great to be able to see them again as well! As usual the whole event was very good, really nothing to complain about as a player and from what I’ve seen on the streams everything has been very good there as well. I really like the segments with Purge, he is just the perfect guy for that kind of thing!

Signing some on the way back to the hotel after one of our games.

The group stage where we played in 2 groups instead of 4 (as it was during the Majors) was in my opinion a good decision. When there are 4 groups with 4 teams each there are more room for mistakes with seeding before the tournament and less games to prove that you deserve to be in the upper bracket. I was really happy when we managed to get into the top4 of our group since it’s the first big step in the tournament and can mean everything for a good placement. We spent the next 3 days to prepare for Ehome to see what we wanted to play against them, how they drafted, how they played and stuff like that. We managed to have a very good start against them in both games but failed to use it to our advantage when we went into the midgame. The second game against Fnatic where we had Naix, Puck, Enchantress, Prophet and Rubick felt very good in the early game as well but we probably gave away too much when we took a bad fight on the left side where I got grabbed by Batrider and some pickoffs after that. We had somewhat of a snowball lineup so we needed to be able to shut them down more then we did.

The dining area at the hotel.

Finishing “only” in the 9th-12th place is both an accomplishment and a failure at the same time. It’s a failure in the way that I hoped and thought we would do better and you obviously enter the tournament with the mindset to win but at the same time it’s an accomplishment itself to just have qualified and played at The International and to be able to say that you are one of the best teams in the world. The thoughts and feelings are split but in the end I’m trying to be happy and satisfied with what we managed to accomplish after not even qualify last year.

Me during the press-session. Everyone did a couple of interviews each.

If you guys have any questions you can ask them here and I’ll try to answer as many as possible! 🙂


86 thoughts on “The International 6”

  1. hey akke and alliance!
    in my opinion u really need a coach full time. both with ehome and fanatic u had good starts and solid drafts but u fought in very bad moments didn t have timers etc.
    what do u feel about this?


  2. Hi Akke, this is not a question but I just wanted to let you know that you have been my motivation to improve in dota2 and thank you very much for being such a great inspirational player.

    And this one is a question. Are you going to stream after this tournament? I would really love to watch you stream.


  3. Hey Akke,
    Big fan over here. I have a question. Do you think that having a girlfriend is litle bit distracting you from the game? (Not especially you,but try to answer from the experience you). Haha by the way i am in a ship right now,traveling and playing Buble pop Heroes(when i started it couple of months ago i though i would be bored but its still pretty entertaining)


  4. I think Alliance need to have a coach. You guys always have a lot of advantage in early but somehow you don’t expand the advantage and make a lot of mistake in the same time that lead to a lost.
    Best wishes 🙂


    1. And please don’t change roster, you guys are doing great. You just need a coach to help you with more strategies.


  5. Are you going to make any roster changes? (Again)
    And what i wanted to mention.. yea you finished 9-12 place, but keep in mind this is probably the best international so far (quality wise); there has never been so many good teams with this close and tense games.. take OG for example, they can be unhappy.. I think you had great tournament overall.. so many games played, no one stomped you, you looked great even in matches you lost.. Keep your head up, and hope you maintain this roster.. no need to be unhappy or feel as you failed.. you had a really good tournament.. See you in Croatia hopefully someday


  6. No question, just letting you know that we love you and I think I speak not only for myself when I say that even though seeing you win is amazing I still rather root for a team of awesome people & actual friends like you guys even if you lose a bunch than hopping onto the next bandwagon and cheer for some “all star” team consisting of players who can barely stand each other.

    Rock on, guys! Du är bäst ❤


  7. Please don’t disband.Hope you guys figure out some new game plans and hope new patch favor Alliance.Gl in future. :]


  8. Hey akke!
    See u guys play at group state are pretty good, but i cant understand why u play like 5 guys in a team but not a team in 2 game again Ehome, S4 solo gank then die alone, all of u play without good teamwork… A lot of mistake made by s4…
    Any plan was made for the future and what is this?


  9. Do you feel like Alliance has lost the confidence in their own objective gaming? For me the old just don’t care about the meta and play their own way but this Ti you guys decided to give Drow a try and fail at it.
    P/s: From a Dota 1 fanboy.


  10. How do you handle the mental pressure? Have you considered a coach for that part? Like an athlete psychologist or something along those lines.

    It was awesome to see you at TI, some great memories as always when watching you guys.

    Alliance forever!


  11. Hi Akke! No question to be given. I just want you to please reply to this comment ^_^ I love alliance since ti3. I haven’t miss almost all of your matches. I love you Alliance! Please don’t disband and continue OUR dreams to get that aegis again! Godbless!


  12. Tjena Akke! Vad har du tyckt om patchen och hur har den funkat för er? Vad ser du fram emot i nästa patch? Lycka till i nästa turnering! 🙂


  13. As you and Loda are 28 now, is any of you have any thought of retiring in some time in the future? And is there any player who you see as fitting to replace you and Loda in Alliance? I read somewhere, some guys suggesting Rtz and Cr1t to replace you two LUL.
    After all, good luck for [A] and you personally.


  14. Hey Akke, like many people commenting – I’m a really huge fan of yours and Alliance. There were a lot of highs this year after a very rough time last year, so I think you guys should be very proud to be where you are currently and not feel too down about how it’s ended.

    I wanted to know, in the Alliance vs EG game 1, when they killed all but Loda at that fight bottom and marched mid, I really want to know what the atmosphere was like/what was said etc? Me and I’m sure every other fan had given up for this game but that comeback sent us absolutely wild.

    Much love,


  15. Tja.
    Gutt att ändå få följa er under TI6.
    Som många kommenterar… skaffa heltidscoach som kan ha egna idéer att utöka era spelsätt på. Samt utöka era heropools (bulldog och egm) dom gångerna dom bannar ut en av era spelare så förlorar ni alltid för att emg lr dongen måste spela på en hjälte dom inte är så super bra på.

    Tvungen att skriva de… nu till frågan.

    Vad händer framöver utom semester från dota?

    Mvh Patrik


  16. Hello Akke,

    First of all I just want to say congratulations and commiserations for the results at TI6. I have been watching you religiously for the last few years (TI3 is when I started following dota) and I seriously love watching you play.

    I do have a couple of questions that I really do hope you have time to respond too.

    1. Since TI3 Alliance have been renowned as kings of the rat, and back in TI3 it was a fantastic strategy. Do you find it hard to let go of the roots that brought you success when the meta adapts and changes so quickly?

    2. This TI has been fantastic to watch and the amount of heroes picked shows that this is probably the most balanced patch yet. Do you think that with watching some games and seeing a lot of “lower rated teams” beating bigger teams that it shows that this game is open for anyone?

    And last but not least….

    3. This is not a question but more of a statement. I am very pleased to see you got where you were at TI and I was obviously very gutted that you failed to get further. I wish you guys all the best, you are seriously some of the best players in the world.

    Thanks for your time Akke, hope you enjoy the rest of your time in America.


  17. What did you have at TI3 that you don’t have now?
    I know you had an amazing playstyle, and I know you can’t use that same playstyle now, but what’s preventing you from coming up with a new dominating playstyle?


  18. Hey akke what is [A] going to do after this ?

    Honestly i never hope u guys will change rooster but without any offense i think right now is not loda era anymore . We as you guys big fans already tired to saw your carries are not in top 2 net worthy on a game .

    Im a big fan of Lod[A] , he is a living legend , ti3 champion . But its hard to admit and said . Its not his era anymore . I think he can be a very good coach and mentor alongside with kelly .

    Pls bounce back , coz i only know 6 ppl from sweden , [A]lliance + Zlatan


  19. So my guess is that as long as you and Loda stay together you play together.

    But lets say “if” Alliance were to an End. Would you feel that you want to start over in a new team or do you think you would retire. Also. Do you wish to work With dota and events such as TI when you decide to step down?

    Hade gött gubben // Peter


  20. I hope you guys will keep your current roster! While I wish you had more games (watching you is always fun) I don’t think your placement is bad at all, especially considering how many of the favorites dropped out very early!


  21. Dear akke, I’m writing to you as a loyal alliance fan from msia. I was really happy knowing that the ti3 squad was back during last year’s wca and won the tournament and starladder right after.

    Alliance played really well in both the qualifiers and the main event. That comeback against eg was certain fun to watch and would definitely be one of the best comebacks this year along side terrorblade against escape in the qualifier. However I was quite disappointed when the alliance lost to ehome and fnatic. I stayed up at 2am every day to watch your games. I know you all did you’re best but then I felt that you guys aren’t playing like alliance, it’s like copying the playstyle of other team which leads to a defeat in both games.
    As a fan , I really hope that old alliance is back. Doing what alliance does regardless of the meta ( Since you all never cared about the meta in the past). Alliances has their own unique play style which I don’t see the point in mimicking how other teams play. For example the Phoenix and void combo from og.That didn’t work really for you guys.

    Please tell egm to tell bulldog to tell loda to tell s4 whether he still remembers the million dollar s4 and not just the dream carl. The spirit of the ti3 hero.

    Last but not least, long live the alliance. Play like the alliance , lose like the alliance and not something else.

    P.s : tell loda to take it easy and don’t disband. It didn’t work last time and it won’t work in the future.

    Thank you


  22. Are you guys intending to stay together?After all,u and jonathan both are 28, i don’t wanna see you guys split up after this international.


  23. Hey Akke !

    Always liked your support okay alongside DJ from Fnatic.

    What do you think of the SEA region on Dota2?

    I personally think that if you guys have more strategy (which you haven’t used in the Group Stage or in the Main Event when you played Fnatic as normally you have always beaten Fnatic before and some of the pick by your drafter in the game 2 in TI6 against Fnatic was weak though it was all comfort pick but Ohaiyo is the second best NP player behind Admiral Bulldog and Ohaiyo would know what AB would do).

    Cheers! I hope you don’t retire from playing Dota2 processionally


  24. Hi Akke !
    Alliance play not well but you and team try their best. Pls don’t changer roster and try hard more. Improve your tactic and play more heroes next patch.
    Don’t disband pls 😦 Alliance is my best team forever.
    You and EGM is best support.
    Long live Alliance.


  25. Hi Akke,

    Don’t doubt that it was an accomplishment! You have been growing as a team since last TI. Probably not as much and as fast as you’d like, but you have also to be realistic. There is so much competition that it is really difficult to be at the top, specially with these asian teams that train insane hours and literally live for Dota. I’m sure you have put a lot of hard work too, but that wasn’t enough, and it is okay 🙂 So, YES, it was an accomplishment. You did better than strong teams like Team Secret or Navi, and as good as OG, Newbee and LGD. I really hope you are happy because of that (as an Alliance fan, I absolutely feel this way).




  26. Tjäna Akke! Stort alliance fan här jag och polarna har följt och hejat på er sen No tidehunter, Ni spelade otrolig bra i år men det var sjukt mycket andra bra lag där i år vilket var problematiskt! Men ni får ge fan i att roster changa och vinna ti7 istället! Hoppas vi syns någon dag på GG bar eller DH!



  27. Hello Akke,

    I was in the Twitch chat chaos chanting Alliance but then, you know when you guys lost, I just stare at the screen.
    I didn’t want to believe. I didn’t want to face that it was over. It hurt, Akke. Wondering how would you guys feel.

    Anyway hopefully you guys still stay and trying together as a team. More than that, hopefully you guys can expand the hero pool.

    Wish you the best.

    P/s, Can you please ask EGM if he remember the 300k dollars DING DING DING MOTHERF*CKER


  28. You guys were really fun to watch and I hope you come back even stronger next LAN! I believe in you guys! Good luck! ❤️😊


  29. Hey,

    It’s an age old question, but during this tournament specifically and with the current meta; how do you feel about Enchantress and Chen? What type of change would encourage you to utilize the heroes more? We’ve seen quite a few appearances during the group stage, but it seems as if you’re punished too hard with the current comeback mechanics when it includes the bonus of additional creeps, similar to Team Secret’s drafts during TI5. Would you agree?



  30. Hi Akke,
    What are you guys planning for the future? I mean roster change? Improvement by hiring a coach? Btw please dont split up. Alliance is not the same without anyone of you.


  31. Hi Akke, Thanks for the blog. Helps us fans say in touch with whats happening with you guys. I wanted to know what is the objective of the team going forward? Is it to stay relevant enough to be a competitive team/have fun at the same time or be a world beater? if it is second that you might have already realized how much progress other teams have made and how much more motivated other teams are to be winners. To address these deficiencies the team should get together and think what is really required to get that level. Practice is one thing, but having an objective in mind is super important to focus your efforts. A coach can be helpful to keep you guys on track and someone who can give a holistic view, its again very important to select the right coach who fits the requirements of our objective, the coach’s role should be well defined. You should probably look at hiring a game analyst. Someone who can work with data and numbers to help you guys come up with better insights about enemy players, team strats, meta strength, your weaknesses, etc.
    TLDR; I have learnt three things to be successful in my career – Objective, Strategy and a mentor and these are the principles im trying to convey through my post. I had to keep it short but if you want to talk about it further I’m happy to share and spend some time brainstorming with you or rest of the team about next steps. Let me know if you want to take this further. By the way, im just an alliance fan and not this is not advertisement for my services, this is just me trying to contribute to Alliance’s improvement.


  32. Please don’t split up! Get a coach see how that’d work…. you have lots of fans who are proud of you guys! Keep it up!


  33. Although the second game with EHOME didn’t end up in a win, whenever you guys play comfort picks and not “meta”, you perform much better. Try and focus on your own playstyle, it feels jerky when you guys go and play Drow strats or stuff like that just to try and adapt. Do what you guys do best as you’re awesome at it! Don’t split up!


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