Short vacation and Pokémon Go!

Went on a mini-vacation last weekend to Stockholm to see some friends and relax. I played a bit of Pokémon Go when we went around in the city where I managed to find a Dratini among others! I played the first Pokémon game when it first was released in Sweden many many years ago so a big part of the fun is to see and recognize all these Pokémon again!

Found a Caterpie on the train to Stockholm 🙂

Me, Bummi and our friend Kristina went to visit The GD Studio where James, Skrff, Weppas and others hang out. Was a lot of fun to see their house and the projects they are working on. Luckily for us the weather was perfect the whole day compared to how it’s been in Gothenburg the past weeks.

Some from The GD Studio gang!
Meanwhile I’m here just chilling.. 😀

Met up with Pajkatt and Bonnie the day after to eat brunch (and also to catch some Pokémon hehe). We walked around in the southern central part of Stockholm talking and playing until our train was about to leave a couple of hours later. Perfect weekend! 🙂

Nice view in Stockholm!

Just won against Vega in the Global Grand Masters tournament. Playing the next round next week on Monday 17:00!




8 thoughts on “Short vacation and Pokémon Go!”

  1. Stockholm PogChamp such a lovely city Kreygasm Really wish you guys good luck at TI. It’s gonna be really packed since so many teams are so good right now. But the best part is that Na’vi and Alliance is there together!!


  2. Hi Akke! Thanks for keeping as posted (as always). Good luck with your game on Monday. #LongLiveAlliance. Also, I want you to be the very best. I know it’s your destiny. LOL! Go catch ’em all! 🙂


  3. I can’t believe, that Dota pro player also play Pokemon GO :D. Goodluck at TI, Alliance can win ! #LongLiveAlliance


  4. Just wanted to show my support to this blog Akke, i first started to follow Alliance before it was formed, Back in the notidehunter days i watched Alliance form when you started playing with EGM and we got an all Swedish team which was pretty cool, i watched you dominate during 2013. i watched Ti3 you crushing your way through the bracket (kotl blinding light pushing i think sylar on top of the cliffs near roshan winning the fight) I watched the finals live here in sweden after the first game against Na’Vi i was sure you would just dominate them like you did in the bracket but ohhh no, later on it was 2-1 to Na’Vi you got to 2-2, and that finale game was such an emotional rollercoaster for me.

    The failed ganks on a solo alch, TA completely wrecking S4 mid, no one was doing well on Alliance, S4 getting cought out when Na’Vi did roshan i was sure it was over, but yet again you proved very resilient, fighting for everything you got, and a “minor” mistake from Na’Vi you heavily punished with bulldog pushing and S4 stopping TP’s, when you won i was euphoric would be the best description i can think of, it was amazing.

    Icefrogs direct nerf to Alliances playstyle and favorite heroes, you still did amazingly well in 2014 many finals yet again against Na’Vi,but the closer we got to Ti4 the more other teams seemed to have figured Alliance out, punishing farming with early agression and offensive wards.leading to you and your tem to just hemorraghe heroes left and right. And we got to Ti4 and Alliance just got crushed, i was sad, and you guys split up, EGM leaving the team, S4 jioning secret and bulldog on vacation, You and Loda trying to get a cohesive team to work again, with a lot of different players, Hanni, Pajkatt, Niqua, Misery, Fuckingmad and Mynuts among a thousand different standins it felt like. Loda on vacation and you alone playing with 4 standins, i was sure that Alliance was a lost chapter, we were at the end of the road and Alliance would be forgotten in the annals of history.

    Secret didnt win Ti5 even though being the only team people thought could win, Arteesy leaving Secret for EG directly after, S4 saying he would be leaving Secret as well.And soon it was OLD Alliance back again, the same lineup, the same back and forth matches, the excitement, the never give up mentality, the “kills means nothing, throne is everything”, the willingness to try out heroes that are far outside the meta (Zeus, i was shocked) And now, well i will be watching every game you play during Ti6 and i hope you will get there with very good plays and matches, i hope you will win but you are up against very stiff competition, OG and Liquid just to mention two teams.

    Nest of luck to each and all in Alliance, i hope bulldog gets a boyfriend soon 😛


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