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The International 6

A very long time since I last wrote something but I haven’t found the time or felt like it since we started to bootcamp around a month ago. My mind has pretty much just been on TI until now.

Posting this now so you guys have something to read while you are waiting for some great games to be played tomorrow! 🙂

One of the pictures from the photo booth session (taken from @StarvingGamer1).

Before TI we bootcamped for around two weeks in Sweden. We rented a house that was big enough for us all to be able to stay there so it was nice and good to live together to discuss strategies or just hang out in the evenings. EGM told us about the Ursa + WD Roshan strategy that we later on used against Navi and we found out another trick as well that we actually didn’t get to use because there wasn’t any game that it suited so at least we have that left for the future ^^.

Played a bit of Dragon’s Lair for the NES during the flight to Seattle. The game is so bad and good at the same time :D. 

Moving forward to TI it felt great to be able to go there again. Last year when we didn’t make it through the qualifier was rough, it’s hard to sit at home watching everyone else compete when you want to and have really tried to be there. We stayed at a hotel in Bellevue – I really like that area in Seattle. It’s the forth time I’m staying there (TI2, TI3, TI4 and TI6) so I know the place quite well where there are places to eat, shopping mall, Starbucks etc. You recognize a lot of the staff from Valve that are working with the event, it’s great to be able to see them again as well! As usual the whole event was very good, really nothing to complain about as a player and from what I’ve seen on the streams everything has been very good there as well. I really like the segments with Purge, he is just the perfect guy for that kind of thing!

Signing some on the way back to the hotel after one of our games.

The group stage where we played in 2 groups instead of 4 (as it was during the Majors) was in my opinion a good decision. When there are 4 groups with 4 teams each there are more room for mistakes with seeding before the tournament and less games to prove that you deserve to be in the upper bracket. I was really happy when we managed to get into the top4 of our group since it’s the first big step in the tournament and can mean everything for a good placement. We spent the next 3 days to prepare for Ehome to see what we wanted to play against them, how they drafted, how they played and stuff like that. We managed to have a very good start against them in both games but failed to use it to our advantage when we went into the midgame. The second game against Fnatic where we had Naix, Puck, Enchantress, Prophet and Rubick felt very good in the early game as well but we probably gave away too much when we took a bad fight on the left side where I got grabbed by Batrider and some pickoffs after that. We had somewhat of a snowball lineup so we needed to be able to shut them down more then we did.

The dining area at the hotel.

Finishing “only” in the 9th-12th place is both an accomplishment and a failure at the same time. It’s a failure in the way that I hoped and thought we would do better and you obviously enter the tournament with the mindset to win but at the same time it’s an accomplishment itself to just have qualified and played at The International and to be able to say that you are one of the best teams in the world. The thoughts and feelings are split but in the end I’m trying to be happy and satisfied with what we managed to accomplish after not even qualify last year.

Me during the press-session. Everyone did a couple of interviews each.

If you guys have any questions you can ask them here and I’ll try to answer as many as possible! 🙂


86 thoughts on “The International 6”

  1. Akke you’re great! Your team is great! You did great! I know it’s hard that you didn’t win but #nevergiveup! 👌🏽


  2. Hi Akke, i believe a coach is a must in any professional team, but no just that. A psychology that teach you how to control the fears, the nerves, the pressure. Is someone who should be taken into account. Hope, the team stick together and improve for the next TI.


  3. can talk you about that eg game? what were your thoughts etc?
    i cant imagine the feeling you guys must’ve got after winning that game


  4. Hey Akke, all I wanted to say is that I really love the team and I am always cheering for you. I know that it feels bad for not getting to the finals but you all played incredibly well! I was really surprised when you beated up eg! All small mistakes you made are nothing compared to what you are as a team and I really hope you stay together, I trully believe you can win!


  5. Never give up!
    It’s really great that you are in a team that does not change rosters every 3 weeks. You did completely fine at TI6. You even won the El Clasico 😀


  6. Why doesn’t s4 play invoker and Loda doesn’t play heroes like AM or morphling or lycan? I think bulldog is carrying the team much more than other two cores. If you guys change that i think alliance can perform much better


      1. But it’s a big advantage if the team plays different play styles right? Other top teams carry players play every type of carry, so why not Loda?


  7. Thank you Akke, your insights are always a pleasure to read. I just really really hope you guys will be able to stay together as a team.
    I will be at this weird Heroicks tournament in germany and will do my best cheering for you!


  8. Congratulations on a good tournament with many memorable games, especially the qualifiers and eg games 🙂 and aslong you getting further than navi its fine with whatever placements you get ;]
    so questions..
    Is there like any chance s4 will pick up invoker even though he dont like it so much? sometimes it feels like you guys are stuck with the same type of heroes mid and it felt like an improvement of drafting when he started playing ember in some games.
    i feel sad when i see alot of tournaments and i find out you didnt get invite or even tried qualifying for them, will you be changing the way you go to tournaments and mayby play some more instead of keeping it to a minimum?
    hope you stick together and aim for ti7!


  9. Hi akke,
    Since you were part of one I’d like to hear your thoughts on the exit interview with Maelk.

    I personally liked the idea, but thought it would be difficult to execute well. In the end it turned out ok i guess.

    Keep fighting, TI7 awaits!


  10. What was it that made you unable to use your strong early game to your advantage going into the midgame vs Ehome, in both games? I was very impressed and hopeful after your early game both times but then it just went south quickly. Felt pretty bad as a fan, can’t even imagine how it was for you guys!

    Good luck in the future, do want to see what other things you have up your sleeve. 🙂


  11. Hey man, you know what I like about you guys, You came back all 5 together after the past years, which is something I have never ever expected, you where my favorite team after winning TI3, and seeing you now at TI6 made me cheer so hard for you, no matter if you lost or won, you did great, and Its actually one of my dreams to meet you guys one day and watch you play live.
    Always will be a fan, and wishing you great luck in further events and TI’s, Don’t give up on each other, you are great.


  12. Hej, i was just wondering about why teams in generall don’t use bs+medusa combon more the dmg and life is really good plus bs offer some controll.
    And i hope that Alliance stays togheter as a team and win next ti 🙂


  13. Love u Akke! Keep together, alliance fan boys really enjoy watching you play

    Good luck in the future

    Cheers from Argentina


  14. I’ve been watching “eSports” for ten years. I was never one for favorites in SC or Dota, but then came this “No Tidehunter” team that really caught my attention. It evolved into Alliance and I they remained my favorites. more than 3 years later, the thought of changing colors has not crossed my mind and I doubt it will.

    Keep playing, you have us right behind you.


  15. Never give up guys! We still believe in and cheer for you! Next year the aegis will shine under a Swedish flag once again!
    Keep the faith!


  16. hello from portugal !!
    i love you guys, because of you i became a dota2 fan . plz continue together!!!
    i would love if you reply XD

    Carlos Filipe
    Lisboa, Portugal


  17. Sir Akke read the good comments of the readers, i know it can help you release the pain.
    I really admire Team Alliance because of their veteran skills and play styles, but the new era of DOTA 2 gaming has changed Alliance need to adjust something and I know you can work it out!.


  18. Same as on twitter: How is your game (wich you developed) going? Has it some perspective?(income to live from it) Do you think about quiting dota? why? Aaand what is your favorite music band? 🙂


  19. Hi Akke
    You guys doing great in TI6.
    Please stick together after TI, I always excited when see you guys play the game.LUL
    Yimkim fan boy from Thailand


  20. Alltid fantastiskt att se er spela och jag önskar er all lycka! Vore intressant att höra din åsikt på hur det vore att INTE bry sig om vad motståndarna spelar och försöka bli sådär “jobbiga” ni var under TI3 eller Wings under TI6 att ni spelar det ni spelar och typ skiter i vad motståndarna gör. Alltså att man skapar ett självförtroende för sitt spel att det är andra som måste anpassa sig till er.


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