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Manila Major Part 2

Got back home earlier today after a very well handled event in Manila. It’s so great to see that everything got a lot more serious after the failure at the Shanghai Major so hopefully this will keep up for the future Majors as well. PGL, the Valve staff and everyone else involved did a really good job, props to you guys!

The stage looked really cool!

Our schedule is quite packed right now. We are having one day off now after we got back home but after that we are gonna continue to practice for ESL Frankfurt. It’s been a lot of practice and games the past weeks but with TI6 coming up it’s not that hard to be motivated to keep on practicing and playing.

Dinner with the team one of the days.

This event was the first one in a long time where we had a coach with us (last one was during TI4 where Winter coached us) and even though we didn’t get so far in the tournament I’m very happy with what Synderen helped us with. He was very on-point with things that we needed to improve on and didn’t hesitate to speak up. We managed to get better with a lot of things during the bootcamp thanks to him but unfortunately it wasn’t enough for us this tournament. Only thing we can do from here is to look forward and do our best at ESL Frankfurt and then hopefully at TI6 as well.

Happy fans! ^_^

Going back a bit to the games I was very happy with the win over Mineski. Their draft was quite good versus ours and at one point the game even looked a bit grim for us when they pushed our highground early. We came back though by taking good fights and defending our base until we were strong enough to pressure them. Was fun to play Keeper of The Light again, really like that hero!

Pieliedie, w33haa and EGM during midnight snack.

Next series against Navi was very fun to play even though we lost. I read somewhere that the viewing numbers was insanely high even though the game were played on a weekday and it wasn’t even that far into the bracket. It’s fun to see that the Alliance/Navi hype is still there and I’m very grateful to be able to be a part of it. We could definitely have won game 2 against them. We had all the tools to be able to win it but in my opinion we didn’t play and take fights as we should have. We should have forced the fights a bit more when we were so much stronger than them but I think the problem was that we kept on playing as we have been doing a lot of other similar games (win it slowly) but the difference here was that since they had Huskar we either needed to win the game before he got all his items or we should have built items to counter him straight away. None of us really thought about this though (probably because as I wrote, we have been winning many games before by playing this way) and it’s probably very game-specific since they had Huskar and Oracle.

Celebrating EGM’s birthday.

The photo session we had at the event was super fun. There were a lot of happy fans that wanted us to do poses with them so we had a couple of really good laughs. We did a ballerina pose in one of the pictures which probably looked quite fun ^^. It was all the people there who made it fun by being so happy and nice so a big thanks to everyone who was there and made our day! We heard there were many that requested a second photo session with us that we wanted to do but unfortunately there wasn’t any more time slots available so it wasn’t possible :(. Hopefully there will be more events in Manila!

Big congratulations to OG who just won their second major! It’s one of the teams that really deserves the win so I’m very happy for them!


16 thoughts on “Manila Major Part 2”

  1. Im very sad I was not able to see you all personally in the Manila Major since I got there during the semi finals of the lower bracket. I think that was on the fourth day 😦

    Hope to you see you soon in the next Manila or maybe next time in Cebu Philippines Event in any Dota Tournaments. ! 🙂


  2. hi akke its so sad i didnt meet you guys in person its just that i have work that time and the arena was fully packed. Its was a once in a lifetime picture but i guess its not time for me to meet you up #sad. BTW im rooting for you guys dont disband you guys the best its just the meta is too broad for now. – Since NTH fans ardi


  3. Good job sir! Your presence here in Manila make me happy. Good luck on your team for your future matches and continue inspiring people.


  4. Your game against Mineski was a great victory, since they were playing at home and they had the crowd on their side. It was kind of annoying that each time you smoked or headed towards Roshan they started shouting. There was a lot of tension in the air!

    Best luck for you at Frankfurt! We’ll be following you from our sofa 🙂


  5. hi akke. im sad because i didnt meet you during your M&G here in manila.. but your team did the best in the manila major tournament. GL guys. 🙂


  6. Glad to see Synderen could help you guys out.

    About that Game 2 vs Na’Vi, why did you last pick Naga vs their lineup? I feel you’ve had problems with Huskar before as well (vs Mineski for example). Why not last pick something that works well with Silver Egde, like Slark (Loda plays a mean Slark!). It was clear that Naga was not the answer when you couldn’t win even with so many mistakes from their part.
    Anyway, it was really nice to watch a good ol El Clásico again, and I could really feel the hype through the screen.

    I get the feeling that split pushing in general has become harder and harder these days, and you should avoiding feeling too secure with that as a backup strategy, would you agree?


  7. Hey Akke! I’m pretty sure you guys learned a lot during the tournament. Disregard any dumb criticism, and look forward to ESL and TI6. I’ll be rooting for you all the way from the Philippines. I believe you guys can win TI6 with your roster.

    Win as a team, lose as a team. Looking forward to your future dominance again!


  8. Will be road tripping from Örebro to Feankfurt for ESL One. See you there! Will definitely be cheering for you!


  9. My biggest regret of the event was missing your photobooth session 😦 I hope you guys comeback. You guys were awesome even though you lost, I know you’ll come back stronger 🙂 GL on ESL and TI6!


  10. Hi Akke! It’s good to hear you’ve enjoyed your stay here in Philippines 🙂 sad though i didn’t had the chance to see you 😦 but still I’ve been cheering for you here in my house watching all your games during the manila majors haha so happy to see you guys do well during the matches against na’vi and mineski hoping to see you guys in person someday 🙂


  11. You guys are so close to being able to handle any team. I believe you already can. Please keep on fight and training. The team has everything it needs to be TI champions. Just don’t give up. It’s such a blast watching you play matches.

    Long live Alliance!


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