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ESL One Frankfurt 2016

After a couple of days at home it was time for us to go to our next event, ESL One Frankfurt! We’ve been here competing twice before and I’m looking forward to our third time! I like how they have changed the structure of the event that there is a GSL group stage in the beginning that actually matters in the playoffs (only top 2 from the group stage advance to the playoffs). I think they had a playoff straight away that was single elimination at their first event here so you could get eliminated after just playing one bo3 but now everyone gets to play at least 2 series which is a bit better for the teams that travel far to get here. We are lucky though that there is a direct flight from Gothenburg to Frankfurt so it’s quite easy for us to get here! 🙂

Selfie in the hotel room. Got a haircut today! 🙂

The tournament starts on Friday so tomorrow will be media day which means that we (as usual) will take some pictures and someone will probably do an interview as well. We have gotten quite used to how every tournament wants to take the pictures so it usually goes quite fast.

Classic “taking a picture of someone taking a picture”.

Just got back to my room after dinner with the team and gym with s4. The dinner took ages because the hotel is quite new (the reception isn’t even finished) so the crew that worked at the restaurant wasn’t the fastest one so to speak. It was okay though because the staff were very polite and apologized for the delay and apart from that the hotel is good (Loda just said he only got cold water when he took a shower though so I will have to check that out.. ^^). The hotels at the latest events has been super good so I feel a bit spoiled. Sometimes I think back when we went to compete at Dreamhack in 2006 and we slept on the concrete floor at the event and when we won we got 800 dollars to split with the team. It was barely enough to cover for the expenses for the trip but I was still super happy but I guess that comes with being 18 years old and not having any responsibilities when it comes to earn enough money to make a living. If I would be able to go back and ask myself how I thought eSports would look like in 10 years from then I would never guess that there would be prize pools as big as there is today and that events would be played in arenas.

Random picture of my cats because why not? 😀

Time to watch some anime before I go to sleep. I started to watch “Guilty Crown” lately which is decent, not a master piece but enough interesting to want me to keep on watching. I don’t watch so much anime but there are some I really like, my all time favorite is by far Steins;Gate but I also really liked Code Geass, Death Note and newer ones like Attack on Titans etc. I like when there isn’t more than like 20-30 episodes or it’s often quite slow paced.

Good night! 🙂

13 thoughts on “ESL One Frankfurt 2016”

  1. Akke, you need to watch Baccano!, it is one of the best anime I have ever seen.

    Love you all and good luck on ESL!


  2. Didnt know u watch anime, i also love those animes, and believe me guilty crown will get sooooo good after ep 10 or so i think. I used to watch a lot of anime, 2 years ago i used to literally brrath with it.
    Anyway, good luck in the tournament. I dont wanna add pressure on you guys, but i think and i hope you guys will get the whole tournament. Your performance in the major was phenomenal. No kidding, like your game 1 and 2 were outstanding. Except the serial against VC.R, Alliance played 3 games in all the serias, which means you no team could take you down in 2 games. Like Loda tweeted only if you learn how to win series 2-1, you could be unstoppable. I mean, it doesnt mean you guys are bad, like i have said you were sooo darn good. Maybe as a fan it looked that way, but still, your games were such pleasure to watch. High quality doto, like Dong says.
    I am sure i shouldnt be saying this, but if you win this tournament, ti6 direct inv will be yours.
    Anyway, good luck in the tournament, again.
    Aaaaaaand one last thing, pls tell the Dong Meister to find a girl pls…….. he had enough hookers. Well that is what he says on his stream.Lul


  3. Good luck Akke! I never knew about your blog until now or posted here before but you’re such a positive and fluent writer. Steins;Gate was my favorite anime too haha. Wish you the best!


  4. I personally feel like u guys should try out some aggresive play style , aggresive warding/ aggresive sup duo( like OG n liquid) . During ileauge Season4 , 2 sup duo played quite aggresive and that is the reason why u all won the tournament.Nowadays, most of the team knows really well how to control the game once they got early game aggresion. Since bulldog is not same(cant create space)as other team offlaner, i wish loda swap role with him.
    Personally think if u all try some CIS dota style and mix with current discipline and teamwork, can achieve top 4 in TI6. If keep on dwelling on passive play style, I think [A] will end up at 12th/8th in TI6.

    All the best [A]!!!!


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