Time for Epicenter!

Epicenter starts in a couple of days so we are flying to Moscow tomorrow. We are arriving a bit earlier before the tournament starts to get used to the place and get some good practice. I’m really looking forward to this event because it seems like it’s gonna be very well handled – everything I’ve heard about the tournament has been good so far and it seems like they are aiming to keep the standard to a Major (hopefully not Shanghai-major standard hehe..) to be able to have one in the future. Will be interesting to see if they live up to my expectations!

As you can see on top bar under the header image there is a new page called “Bubble Pop Heroes”. It’s a mobile game that I’ve worked on together with some friends the past year from time to time whenever I’ve had time over. I decided to try to finish it after the Shanghai Major when we had a short break from practice so I got a lot done back then and after some more minor changes it was ready to be released earlier this week! I’ve been doing the programming and most of the design of the game and then my friends have helped out with the rest of the design, graphics, music and sound effects. It’s available for iPhone and Android – you can download it here!


Me and Bummi met up with EGM for lunch today and after that we went out to chill in the sun. The weather has been perfect the past few days in Sweden – warm enough to enjoy sunbathing but not too warm so you start sweating when you are outside. Hope the weather stays the same until I’m back in Sweden again..! 😀

We got a new scratching tree for Shiva and Midas today! As you can see in the picture below they both wanted to help us to put it together :).


Time to go to bed to get a good nights sleep before we travel tomorrow. Leaving quite early!


5 thoughts on “Time for Epicenter!”

  1. Hey Akke, Is there any way I could talk to you about the way you helped me and my girlfriend come together? Maybe you’d like to hear about it :p


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