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First days in Moscow

The first days here at Epicenter has been very good! The hotel is very nice in general, the practice room was all setup and ready to go when we arrived and we’ve been well informed about the tournament, things like when we need to be ready to take pictures and stuff like that.

Loda playing Fifa 16 🙂

Since our first game is on Tuesday, the day today and tomorrow has been like a small bootcamp for us. We got to play some scrims today and have scheduled for tomorrow as well and whenever we are hungry we can just go to a room where they have food prepared almost the whole day. There is also an area where there is table tennis that we’ve played a bit. I just got back after playing some with my team and some of the complexity players – had to take a shower after and was so thirsty I drank a full bottle of water :D.

Table tennis!

Here are some pictures of the room. It’s so big I almost get lost when I want to go to the bathroom ^^.

Hallway when you enter the room.
Quite a big bed for one person!
The bathroom. Shower to the left and toilet on the right.

Gonna be some really interesting games tomorrow. Really hard to say which 2 teams that will advance from complexity, Newbee, No Diggity and fnatic. Will at least be a lot of good games both in the wildcard games and the playoffs after, that’s for sure! 🙂




6 thoughts on “First days in Moscow”

  1. Hi Akke, i was wondering if you (Alliance) have a coach or analyst helping you refine your play style and improve, or whats your opinion on this. Seems like allot of teams are doing this to improve their game.

    Make sure you win epicenter! 😀 Cheers!


  2. Hey Akke!
    Are you still in Moscow? I dream about hanging out with you or Alliance full stacked. Do you plan to go somewhere in Moscow, if you are still here? Is it even possible to meet you and walk around talking about life and other things?
    Thanks and cheers! ❤


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