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Summary of the past week

Just got home from the cinema! Went to see The Jungle Book together with Bummi, Loda, EGM, Kelly and our friend Isaac. Really liked it, was one of the better movies we’ve seen lately so if you haven’t seen it yet and like movies like that you should go and watch it!

Me and our friend Isaac at the cinema.

Was very happy when I found out we got invited to the Manila Major a couple of days ago. I’ve had some troubles sleeping when I knew the invites were about to come out, waking up in the middle of the night just to check my phone to see if the invites were announced.. 😀 I like (not biased at all here hehe) that they chose to invite 12 teams rather than keeping the old system with 8 invites since it was hard to say who should be invited over the other. Even though teams that has qualified through the qualifier has placed higher than many invited teams in the past I think it’s good that you are rewarded for competing in tournaments outside of the majors and that you get rewarded for being able to perform over a longer period of time instead of just playing good during one qualifier. I would really like to see a point system of some kind and for example after every major the points are reduced by half (making it easier for other teams to catch up to the next major). Winning a tournament should give you a lot more points than the other placements, like 100/30/15 points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. I think most players would agree with me that winning a tournament is so much harder than just placing decent in many since you have to perform throughout the whole tournament compared to just being able to win a game here and there.

Really looking forward to meet all the fans in Manila!

I really liked Valve’s decision to change the rules for the invites because it shows that they are willing to do what they think is fair and good for the current state of the teams and how the scene looks right now. I understand that they don’t want to go public with how the invites are handled and that having a point system could be bad in some ways because it basically remove Valve’s ability to adapt to how the state of the scene is. Personally I still favor a point system since it’s very clear how it works and when you know the rules you can’t really complain about it since all the cards are on the table. As it is right now we don’t really know what the best way to get invited to a major and TI is (which basically is every teams goal) and I guess that is what bothers some.

The Kickstarter for Animus Home is ending in two days (one of my friends are one of the guys behind it). Some of you might have seen my tweet that I did some time ago but for you who didn’t see it I got one of the early bird packs that they have available! They also released a new video a couple of days ago that got me hyped to get the product. They showed how you could have a funny quiz at home by just having their product and 3 smart lamps! I can see myself challenging my friends with some nerdy Dota-questions at home… ^^

Watching Bummi play some Dark Souls 3 right now while writing the blog post. We are both quite close to the end of the game, have had a lot of fun (mixed with anger and frustration while dying on bosses) playing so I’m very pleased with the game! Looking forward to finish it so I can start to watch some speedruns and see them killing the bosses in a couple of seconds that took me hours.. 😀


10 thoughts on “Summary of the past week”

  1. Hey Akke! Huge fan!
    Im sorry to post this here, but i’ve been wondering and i have no other way to get through =)
    I’m from Portugal, wondering if i could get some t-shirts from [A]lliance, i really wanna have something that reminds me of you guys often. You’re gameplay alone, the fact that you beg to differ from every patch, it just makes me feel confident. Can i buy some t-shirts from swedan? Will they arrive here, in Portugal?

    Thank you for your time, Akke!



  2. SO happy Alliance got invited rather than have to go through the crazy EU qualifiers, heres hoping for big wins at Epicenter also!


  3. Hey! Ekka!!! Lul
    I see you guys are doing great, and i see EGM is still not kicked after all that trash-talk from s4 and Dong, Lul. Jk2.
    I just wanted to say “Good luck!” On Manila major. I believe you guys have a good chance of winning. And i also believe that Dong can find a grill for himself, kappa.
    Best wishes,
    Just another [A] fanboy.


  4. Hi akke, hope to see you in manila majors.
    Way back in 2014 i named my daugther Akia Rylai, if you still remember. Hahaha. Always been [A] fan since TI3. I even put [A] tattoo on my forearm hahaha. Kappa.


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