Dark Souls 3 & ESL Manila

Last week just before we left for Starladder Dark Souls 3 was released in Sweden. I only had time to try it an hour since we were preparing for Starladder but I’ve played some more now after we got home and killed 4 bosses so far, really enjoy it! When I played Dark Souls 2 I choose to be a Mage (I always want to be a Mage if I can :D) so I thought I’d try something new this time. Have been playing as a Knight now and it’s more fun and challenging to play close-combat than to just run away and spam spells even though I liked that as well x).

Watching Bummi play right now. She is a bit further than me but really fun to watch and give each other tips on where to find things (even though Bummi seems to find almost everything but I’m too eager to get to the next bonfire so I miss a lot of items) and help each other out.

Bummi’s character!

We are taking a couple of days break before we start to practice again so I’ve just been playing some pubs to keep up. My three favorite heroes in pubs are Phoenix, Oracle and Enchantress right now! 🙂

ESL Manila is starting soon, really looking forward to see the teams there play and especially Secret with their new roster. Quite hard to say who the favorite is, I think it’s very even between most teams there. But time will tell I guess :).


9 thoughts on “Dark Souls 3 & ESL Manila”

  1. Hey Akke!
    I was speccing your Phoenix game yesterday (the one that went on for a long time). Really sad to see you lose that one, you played great! Your teams item decisions on the other hand, sigh.

    Good luck in scrims and other stuff!


  2. Hey Akke! Huge fan!
    Im sorry to post this here, but i’ve been wondering and i have no other way to get through =)
    I’m from Portugal, wondering if i could get some t-shirts from [A]lliance, i really wanna have something that reminds me of you guys often. You’re gameplay alone, the fact that you beg to differ from every patch, it just makes me feel confident. Can i buy some t-shirts from swedan? Will they arrive here, in Portugal?

    Thank you for your time, Akke!



  3. Hej Akke och grattis till inbjudan för major! Något ni garanterat är värda!
    Skrev för ett tag sen ang Gg Bar och en svensexa, och för risk att låta tjatig tänkte jag bara påminna om att den sker imorgon ifall ni har lust att titta förbi och göra min bästa väns kväll oförglömlig.
    Allt gott och äg sönder med nya patchen! (axe support kanske möjlig igen för din del 😉 ) E.


    1. Tjena!

      Sorry men det blev en rätt lugn kväll med bio och sen Dark Souls 3. Hoppas ni hade det bra! 🙂


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