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New desk and visa!

Bought a new desk yesterday from Ikea along with some other things. Had a quite small desk before so it feels great to have a bigger one now!

Gonna apply for a Russian visa on Tuesday for the Epicenter tournament that is held in Moscow. Last time we were there was like in 2008 when I played with SK-Gaming. At that tournament I was playing with Loda, Bogdan, Hailo and the famous Russian player Ars-Art. I don’t really remember how we ended up playing together with Ars-Art, according to Liquipedia he joined us in 2008-02-29 and left the team in 2008-06-22 so it didn’t last for so long. He took good care of us while we were there at the event so it was a success even though we ended up 3rd or 4th place. This was also the event we met v1lat the first time and he took a picture of me and Loda holding a Ukrainian flag! 😀


Played one of the shortest pubs in a long time together with Loda the other day. Went dual mid with Io and Tiny and it went so good for us that they gave up straight away :D. Trying to work a bit on my solo MMR as well – I was thinking that when I reach 5800 I will stream some Dota 😀 I’m at 5533 right now and going quite steady up but since I’m mostly playing party it might take some time ^^.

dota game.png
Fast win for some easy MMR points! ^^

Hope you all had a great weekend!


13 thoughts on “New desk and visa!”

  1. So you think playing soloq is not that important to improve personal skill and tryharding party can teach me alot……its confusing because some players say that solo mmr is important.


  2. Hej! Tack för att du skriver och håller oss fans uppdaterade:)!
    Tänkte fråga hur en vanlig vecka ser ut för dig? Hur många scrims spelar ni? Gör du något annat vid sidan av?
    Mvh H


  3. Tänkte tacka er för att du och egm streamade tillsammans och lät oss vanliga spelare få spela med er! Var med i en match som ni var invoker! Var grymt kul o spela mot er!

    Lycka till i moskva!


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