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In Kiev for Starladder!

It’s quite chill to go to a tournament like this one. We’ve been here many times before so we are familiar with the country and it’s the same arena that we’ve been to the other times we’ve been here as well. Feels good to be able to only focus on the tournament and not have to think about anything else.

Professional green screen! 😀

EGM has been staying at our team house the past week since we applied for the Russian visa together in Gothenburg. Me, EGM and Bummi went to watch a movie last Saturday together (Kung Fu Panda 3) and after that we went home to my and Bummi’s place and chilled. We streamed a hack ‘n’ slash game a bit and after that we played some Dota with me controlling the mouse and EGM controlling the keyboard.. 😀 Actually went better then expected! We won the first game but lost the second.

Been taking photos for the event today and played some pubs in our practice room. First game is tomorrow vs. VP after the first series is done so it will probably be around 12-13 CET. Guess you have to stay tuned and see if the first series is a 2-0 or a 2-1.

Bulldog chilling with his phone
Me and Loda messing around with face-swap.. 😀
S4 during photo shoot
Will do our best to bring our [A]-game tomorrow!

7 thoughts on “In Kiev for Starladder!”

  1. Is it the new Samsung galaxy S7 Edge in bulldogs hands?

    Gl Hf 2morrow kick some ass and make sure to tell s4 to draft necrolyte! 😀


  2. Hi akke! Maybe i don’t know a lot from every single team, but i think that Alliance looks like the most united one. Is this real? Will you call the rest of your team family, friends or just teammates? It’s just something i’ve been trying to figure out while watching old and new Alliance videos, in game and outside the game. Anyway, glad that you are fine and the team is prepared. I hope to see great matches :). Hope to see crystal maiden and kotl soon, alpakke!


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