Stream and last weekend

Some of you might have seen it already but I set up my stream last Saturday! Played some Ori and the Blind Forest to warm up to stream a bit and we’ll see what happens in the future. I know a lot of you want to see me stream Dota – I’ll let you know when I will! 🙂

Went out to meet some friends for a couple of drinks after the stream. The picture below is of me and my friend Fred who I met when I studied computer game development a couple of years ago! 🙂


Really looking forward to go to our next event! We are leaving for Starladder in Kiev in about two weeks, was quite some time since we were there since the latest Starladder events has been in other countries and cities. Gonna be fun to be back! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Stream and last weekend”

  1. This is all very exciting, I’ll be cheering for you guys as always!

    Akke, I’ve tried to contact you but I haven’t gotten a response yet, so I’ll try again.
    For a school project, I am making an educational video about eSports. Its goal is to inform people that have never heard about eSports. I wanted to include an interview with a pro gamer, and I would love for it to be with you. You are my favourite player and I think you have a great story.

    I know it might be a lot to ask, so I completely understand if it’s not possible. But if you could separate a very short amount of time to have a quick interview over the internet whenever you have time, that would be amazing!

    I hope to hear from you, thanks!


  2. Hi Akke,
    I tried it before the last major. I would really like to tell you about an idea of a strategy. Maybe we can have a 1 minute google or skype chat. I would greatly appreciate it. Also I’d be super interested in your general mindset. Would be great to get in touch with you. I guess you have my email since you created this blog?

    Best wishes and good luck with everything,


    1. Hey!

      Thanks for wanting to help but it is almost impossible to get an idea like this from someone else that you can use yourself. You have to fully understand something to be able to use it so if it isn’t something you come up and develop by yourself it’s not worth to use it. It works the same way when teams try to steal lineups from each other (like in TI3 when people tried to copy our play style). Thanks a lot for wanting to help though!


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  3. I have one question that might be a bit dumb 😛

    Does Alliance have a Clash Royale clan named Alliance?
    I searched for it and found a clan with people named Akke, s4, Loda, and EGM. So I was wondering if it is you guys or just some phonies.


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