Roster changes and patch

Woke up this morning to some unexpected roster changes (Universe and Arteezy leaving EG and joining Secret instead of Misery and w33). What surprises me the most is that Universe is leaving EG but with that said it’s impossible to know what has been going on in the team or what kind of offer he got so not much more to say. Always sad for the players that gets kicked but on the bright side two of em just won a Major. I guess almost everyone has their eyes set on TI though but winning a Major is huge as well! Hope everything turns out well for everyone in the end!

It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens with the invites for the Manila major, how many Chinese teams that Valve will invite. I think the Starladder tournament (SL i­League Dota Invitational) where LGD and VG are playing will decide whether or not they will receive invites. If they end up finishing last at Starladder, together with the bad results at the Shanghai major it’s probably hard to justify an invite for them, but at the same time it’s weird to not invite any Chinese teams at all so all of them will have to fight for two slots in the qualifier.. Oh well, we’ll see what happens! 🙂

The “Spring cleaning” updates regarding game play was for example about hit boxes when selecting wards. I’m a bit 50/50 here – one part of me really dislike that you can see the neutral camp boxes because I’ve enjoyed that part of the game with knowing the exact spots to block camps and where to de-ward. At the same time I understand that for a new player it’s very hard to get into the game and know all these things so in that sense it’s a good change. Not much to do about it though, I should just be happy I don’t have to sit and practice wards spots anymore! 😀


17 thoughts on “Roster changes and patch”

  1. I felt bad for them, especially Misery who were speculated to be kicked :(; I did not expected w33ha to get kicked as well!!! I really hate RTZ moving back and forth with drama again. At first, he said he never meant to be Secret, and now he is again? What is this? I have no more respect with him. I hope you guys crush them in Major and TI!! XD


  2. I’m no pro, even not 4k, but this game is getting easier and easier every patch. You need to know less and less to do stuff like blocking camps, nor You need to think about orb effects, cuz they were removed or combine with each other, expect for Desolator ofc. I rally don’t like it, because this game was good because it was complicated.


    1. I think those things never were the true essence of the game. You need to have good reflexes, good awareness, overall strategy, tactics and communication. Letting newer players know what blocks what doesn’t really change it that much for me at least.


      1. For me the true essence of the game was learning all the time. Now, game shows You how during the game, which makes learning useless.


  3. Are we ever going to see you play earth spirit or will that fall on EGM’s role?Btw, you misspelled exact on the last paragraph. :3


  4. Depth was always a differentiating point for Dota from other simpler games. I feel like it is being watered down a bit too much with stuff being easier. I would like some changes that is targeted towards advanced players a bit more, this patch just feels like it wasnt intended for me as a player with thousands of hours, but for the newer players.


  5. EG wins TI.
    Arteezy on leaving Secret for EG: ‘It was selfish of me to leave EG in the first place,’
    Secret wins a bunch of tournaments including Major.
    Arteezy joins Secret.


  6. Jag tycker inte ändringen med spawn boxes och tower range är en bra ändring för dota.
    Visst blir det lättare för nya spelare, men dom har också tagit bort en stor del av vad jag tycker är så speciellt med dota. Faktumet att det finns så mycket “hidden information” inuti spelet som om man lägger ner lite tid och kollar närmare på saker kan upptäcka eller kanske rent av lyckats hitta på måfå är/var utan tvekan den bästa delen med dota för mig när jag började spela.
    Det ger dota ett otroligt djup i ett redan så komplext spel.

    Men jag kanske bara är bitter över att något jag spenderat tid för att lära mig för att förbättra mitt egna spelande nu blir helt gratis så att säga, kanske det bara är “gamla” dota spelare som klagar på förändringen för att dom inte vill att nya spelare ska ta deras plats på stegen.

    Lycka till I Starladder iLeague! 🙂


    1. Det verkar som att du egentligen tycker att det är en bra ändring med ditt andra stycke, men att du har svårt att acceptera det p.g.a. din partiskhet 🙂

      Dold information – som exempelvis Fog of War – är väldigt bra för dota och kompetitiva spel generellt, men det är något helt annat än gömd information om hur spelets mekanik egentligen fungerar. Även om det kan vara en kul upplevelse att upptäcka hur det fungerar på egen hand, så bör sådan information vara tillgänglig för alla spelare. Mekaniken behöver man förstå för att kunna utforska djupet i strategi, vilket ju är det som bör anses vara det mest intressanta. Att underlätta det, är en bra sak.


      1. Det stämmer det du säger, jag var nog lite allt för ny-sur över ändringen som det nog märktes. Nu när det har gått ett litet tag så känner jag att det inte var så illa utan rätt skönt när man väl vant sig.

        Tack så mycket för ditt ingående svar! 🙂


  7. was really really hoping you guys would get a slot in ESL Manila. I’m still hoping something miraculous would happen and you’d get invited lol.


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