eSports bar in Gothenburg

gg_bar.jpgHope you all have had a great weekend – I sure did! Me and Bummi had a friend over over the weekend and some other friends had also scheduled to come to Gothenburg to go to an eSports bar on the Saturday (GG Bar). We were there for almost 12 hours haha, had a really good time! The reason for the get-together was that the Swedish streamer Drayich had a “sub-meeting” where people who subscribe to his twitch channel could come there to hang out with him. Even though we were there for such a long time it didn’t feel like it at all, had a blast talking to everyone there!

Playing our first official in a long time tomorrow at 20 CET vs DC! Looking forward to it! 🙂



14 thoughts on “eSports bar in Gothenburg”

      1. Akke , i have 2 question , what do you think about to help dota 2 league , a can add steam link on workshop , and what games will advise on phone and tell the country of production


  1. Hej!
    SKa till GGBAR i Göteborg på valborg, finns möjlighet att Ni kan titta förbi? 😀 Kan tyvärr inte lämna allt för mkt info här då vi ska överraska en vän, och han granskar nog din blogg rätt rikligt 😉


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