The Witness

As some of you know I started to play The Witness last week which is a 3D puzzle game made by Jonathan Blow (same guy that made Braid a couple of years ago). I had no idea what to expect when I started to play it because I hadn’t read anything about it. The only thing I saw about the game before shot_2013.10.14__time_11_14_n11we started to play it was a picture of a puzzle and thought that the game could be fun for me and Bummi to play and we sure did! We got hooked straight away and enjoyed it a lot!

The way that they have designed the game is that you learn how to play by solving puzzles without them really giving you any instructions. The first puzzles are very easy but just shows you the mechanics and what the goal is and then it gets harder and harder. You can walk freely around in the world so if you get stuckIMG_5037 somewhere or don’t think you know the rules for the puzzle yet you can just go somewhere else! The picture of the puzzle is one of the first puzzles where you just learn that the goal is to get from the start (lower-left corner) to the end (top-right corner).

Me and Bummi are having a friend from Stockholm over for the weekend so we are gonna go to pick her up soon at the train station. Gonna play some board games later today, our latest addition to the collection and our current favorite one is called Mysterium!

Looking forward to our first game in the captains draft tournament next Monday. It’s always fun to get to play some new lineups that you never saw before! 🙂


15 thoughts on “The Witness”

  1. Game looks interesting…and I’m just here, playing Piano Tiles 2. Lol. Anyway, good luck to you guys with the upcoming captains draft! If you’re reading this, hi s4, egm, bulldog, loda and kelly too. 😉


  2. I really enjoyed The Witness. It’s one of the most well-designed (if not THE most well-designed, in some regards) games I’ve ever played. There is some real mindblowing stuff in there.

    Also, Mysterium has been a favorite of mine and my regular gaming group of friends for a while now. Even my family likes it. There is an expansion coming out in a while too. Can’t even imagine what an expansion would add to the game.


  3. Yo, Akke aka most handsome man in the dota 2 pro scene. :). I have been an Alliance fan for three years now. Last three years, man, a lot happened to Alliance, especially the last two years. I mean 2014, and 2015. I remember it, as if it was just yesterday, 2014’s winter it was very tough for Alliance. Chessie’s injury before the ESL, H1nnie’s standin and not a long later Bulldog took a break and Loda went to standin for tinker. I was like NotLikeThis, fucking 4Head Bulldog. And Mad’s Alliance. A lot happened, but after Bulldog found his final form and came back to Alliance, my dong told me it is time. I knew Alliance is back. And now, for sure Alliance is back. Road to TI6.
    Not sure why i wrote this much, i just wanted to say thank you for keeping the Alliance’s spirit. I think personally that you are the one who fought for Alliance. Even when one one was willing to join Alliance, you kept searching and searching for players. I am very grateful for that.
    P.S can tell Dong, find a fucking girlfriend and maybe date Nara already, you are the only single in Alliance you fuck face. Sry for my bad language, but that is what Dong’s stream thaught me. 4Head.


    1. Hello!

      Haha, thanks! It means everything for us to have you guys following and supporting us. Very grateful for that!

      Bulldog has thought me a lot of things as well, soon I am also a master of Twitch-chat! 4Head


  4. Tja Akke, grattis till segrarna på sistone lycka till på majors!! Har du planerat att gå tillbaka att streama på twitch ? hade sjukt kul när du streamade förr!


    1. Tjena! Tack så mycket!

      Har inga planer på det tyvärr, är lite sugen men hade nog hellre streamat lite andra spel än just Dota i så fall. Inget som är på g nu snart dock tyvärr!


  5. Hej,

    Brädspelsnörden inom mig måste tipsa om ett par titlar:
    T.I.M.E stories (om du gillar pussel och vill ha en helt unik spelupplevelse)
    Pandemic Legacy (långkörare där reglerna ändras under spelets gång)
    Spyfall (grymt party-spel, the more the merrier)

    Ha det gött!


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