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Hey all!

First of all I have to tell you guys that I went to the gym today because otherwise it doesn’t count, right? 🙂 Was quite some time ago I was there the last time, been sick and just lazy so it’s time to change that again!

Just wanted to point out that I’m going to try to keep the tab that says “Upcoming games” as updated as possible. I know a lot of you want to know when we have our games and sometimes it’s only us who knows when a game is postponed or if something happened so I’m gonna give it a try to keep you guys updated there. We’ll see how it goes.. 🙂

Me, EGM and Loda during Starladder watching anime together in the bed 😀


18 thoughts on “Upcoming games tab”

  1. really like the ‘upcoming games’ tab ~ keep it updated. sometimes gosugamers isnt very accurate, so i like to have an alternative source 😀

    and nice to see you having a new home for blogposts.

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  2. Kreygasm at an official Akke blog! I’m literally your biggest fan, followed you since xP gaming and the main reason I started watching pro Dota 2. Remember the competition in conjunction with AXE where you guys went to Childs Play to donate money? That was my idea that won the competition 😛

    I was hoping to win a cool prize like coming to meet you guys or even something from Alliance, but I didn’t get anything – was happy that Childs Play got the money though, very worthy cause.

    Can’t wait to see more posts.


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    1. Thanks, happy you like it! 🙂

      I remember the competition, really liked the idea with Child’s Play! Sorry there was no prize, hopefully we can meet sometime in the future!

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  3. Hi akke
    I’m a great fan of yours and Loda since SkGaming days
    So glad to see guys b[A]ck
    If you could tweet each time you post a blog that would be awesome
    gl in major


    1. Hey! Thanks, that’s a long time! 😀

      Will tweet once in a while but probably not for every post. Don’t want to spam Twitter if there isn’t anything special :). I think you can subscribe though through email to get a notification if you want to know whenever I post (there is a link on the right side) but not 100% sure how it works.. 🙂


  4. I love the upcoming games tabs … It’s nice to watch you guys play.. it’s interesting, I became a fan of the alliance since you guys won the internationals … Amazing games … We will be watching your career with great interest my friend 🙂 the game industry didn’t work as a career for me but I am sure it will be for you …

    I wish you more progress and a bright future 🙂

    Best Regards all the way from the Kingdom of Jordan …


  5. Coolt! har tänkt att jag ska skriva till nån i er organisation och kolla om det går att lösa med att ha någonstans där era matcher kan visas 🙂 WP!

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