First post on my new blog!

Hey everyone and sorry for the lack of updates!

My contract expired with TV6 in the end of 2015 so that is the reason I haven’t blogged there anymore. I still like to write and tell you guys what’s going on once in a while though so that’s why I started this blog instead! 🙂

There hasn’t been any games for you to watch lately and the reason for that is that we wanted to focus and practice for the Major. We are still playing the captains draft tournament though and our first game is supposed to be in a week on February 8th. Even though that tournament isn’t as “serious” as the normal ones (because of the mode) I still think it’s good practice!

Been playing “The Witness” a bit the past week. Hadn’t read anything about the game before I bought it but I really love it! It’s a puzzle game and is available for PS4 and PC so if you like puzzles I would recommend it! 🙂


8 thoughts on “First post on my new blog!”

  1. Hey there!
    That’s a great idea for u to blog =)
    Cause as for me, it’s interesting to read your posts, just to check ur photos or smt.)
    Also, that’s cool that u answer ur followers )
    All the best! =)


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