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Officials and friend’s birthday

Feels good to be able to play some officials again! Yesterday went very good for us starting with a clean 2-0 versus DC and we managed to continue that streak today versus Empire! Our second game today was almost a disaster since we tried to go Roshan level 1 but we all stacked too close to him so he clapped like 5 times and he cancelled 3 healing potions because we didn’t switch aggro correctly.. 😀 On top of that, while we were doing Roshan we saw them running outside into our jungle so we thought they would just go in to Roshan and kill us all. Luckily we managed to get the kill and later on secure the win.

Bummi made a birthday cake for one of our friends today and as some of you have read here in my blog we’ve just played through The Witness recently. Our friend has played it as well, so what is better than making a The Witness-inspired cake? 😀 Bummi had to make the cake in a hurry in the morning though so it almost fell apart. Nonetheless it was delicious!


4 thoughts on “Officials and friend’s birthday”

  1. Well played on the win! That lvl 1 roshan was hilarious and had a great laugh this morning when I watched it. Hope we get to see more of these funny plays 🙂


  2. Love your blog! But i just wanted to especially mention that i love the “Upcoming matches” tab on the site! Please keep it updated(as you have)!


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