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New patch, last weekend and Alliance announcement

Was a lot of hype yesterday to read the patch notes. I had heard before the patch was gonna shake the game up a bit and it sure did! I think the talent tree is nice because it gives you more choices to tailor your hero and play style a bit and it can also make some hero viable super lategame if the games goes on so everyone is level 25. For example Crystal Maiden got a talent that adds 200 damage to her nuke which can be really useful to push out lanes. Really looking forward to when the patch hits the main client!

At our friends Reuben and Johanna last Saturday

I went to see my father get 5th dan in jiujitsu yesterday. It was really fun and cool to see since he hasn’t been so active the past years after me and my sister was born. He got 4th dan in 1980-something so it’s fun to see him train/practice some again after so many years!

My father just got 5th dan in jiujitsu! 🙂

We did an announcement a couple of hours ago, that Alliance now are a player-owned and independent organization. It has been something in the work for a long time so I’m happy it’s finally settled and looking forward to see what we can do in the future. I can make a longer blog post about this later and explain more of how it works if anyone is interested.

I’m playing in the ProDota Cup #13 that starts this week with team Horde and our first game is on Thursday. I updated the “Upcoming games” tab so you can keep track when we are playing! 🙂


13 thoughts on “New patch, last weekend and Alliance announcement”

    1. I don’t think they will force anything, because, on my understanding, it isn’t the new Alliance that got a share of Alliance, but the former members who got (s4 and Bulldog included).

      It would be nice to have a post explaning what will change.


    2. We will see what happens. Right now I’m playing with Horde to see how far we can go.

      If someone leaves and joins another organization you are forced to sell, yes. As Lucas mentioned here only the original members has a share in Alliance but since s4 left and started to play with OG, he was forced to sell.


  1. Would like to read more about it! I hope Horde and Alliance get to be two teams under the Alliance trademark, that would be awesome. Waiting on your next blog ☺


    1. It will take some time to get used to but I like that there are more elements to play around. I’m not so sure about the bounty runes why they felt it was needed to place them in the jungle but I like the shrines.


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