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Dreamhack, Horde and WESG

Sorry for not updating in a very long time but I haven’t just been able to find the time to write lately. I’ve been very busy with a lot of things like moving, working some at Mobile Storytelling and playing with Horde. Been playing scrims and some small tournaments together with Pablo, Xcalibur, Gorgc and Eskil and we finished 2nd in the latest one we played (WellPlay) losing to Imperial 3-2. We were quite happy with the results since we the week before lost to Imperial 2-0 so it feels like we are making progress. We have WESG coming up in January so we are trying to squeeze in as many games as possible! 🙂

I went to Dreamhack one and a half week ago to participate in the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament which actually went a lot better than I expected. I managed to make it out of the pools and win a set in the brackets! I always try to play when I get the chance, it’s fun to try to keep improving even though I don’t stand a chance against players like Armada :D. I got to play him during the group stage (and of course they put us on the stream.. ^^) and I felt very lost while playing. It was hard to even get a hit onto him, he read every move I made and even when I tried to mix it up a bit he was still one step ahead. Very fun and interesting to play against him – it’s not every day you get to compete and play against a world champion in a fighting game! 🙂

Picture from Dreamhack!

Some have asked why we (Horde) don’t play with Kefka and Solitude anymore. They did get the option to continue to play with us but Solitude wanted to continue to play with his old team “Solidudes” and later on Kefka joined them instead as well. I thought it was quite unfortunate they didn’t wanna keep on playing together after our success at WESG in Kiev but at the same time I’m very happy to be able to play with Gorgc and Eskil as well! Looking forward to see what we can achieve in China in January when the LAN finals are :).

Cuddle with Shiva after I got home from Dreamhack ^^

Still have some things to do in our apartment until we feel it’s finished enough to take pictures and share with you guys. Will have to suffice with a picture of me and Shiva for now 🙂


5 thoughts on “Dreamhack, Horde and WESG”

  1. Great news. I’ve been watching your perfomance with Imperial and I’ve seen splendid Silencer and Disruptor plays. Thank you.

    Wish you luck in China! No matter how you perform there you do it best and don’t feel any pressure for we’ll be rooting for your team and support you regardless of your results.

    Also, which team’re you rooting for this major?


    1. Thanks, we will do our best! 🙂 Gonna be fun to go to an event in China again and hopefully it’s better than the Shanghai Major.. 😀

      I’m rooting for OG because of s4! 😀 You?


      1. I guess it’s VP.
        I’ve been often speculating about Weaver-Aghanim support and sometimes even played but I never expected to see it in a tournament match – Lil delivered. Also, they’re the only CIS team.
        However, if VP somehow drop, I’ll be rooting for OG as well.


  2. Hey Akke,

    it is so nice to hear from you again. Watching you play Smash was awesome (Doubles Quarter Finals Comeback Pogchamp). Are you planning on streaming some videogames again in the future? If I remember correctly I saw you playing Ori and the Blind Forest a few months ago. It was so enjoyable! I would love to see something similar again. Anyways good luck for the upcoming tournaments!


    1. Hey!

      Haha yeah that comeback was nice 😀 Not sure about the streaming – it’s something I really would like to do but for some reason I don’t really enjoy it. It’s fun when I’m sitting there playing, but I find it hard to get the strength and courage to start the stream. It’s a weird feeling that I hope to get past some day! Thanks for the support and that you liked the last streams! ^^


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