Started to bootcamp today, was fun to be able to hang out with the team again! I think they all should move to Gothenburg so we can meet more often :). Really looking forward to the Major and I hope we go far so we are able to play a lot of games there.

S4 and EGM playing a pub!

Gonna go watch Deadpool together tomorrow, everyone that I know that have seen it have said that it was very good so I’m really looking forward to it. Gonna go watch it quite late after we played a lot of practice games to make sure we practice as well :).


15 thoughts on “Bootcamp!”

  1. Can you explain what bootcamping is like? How many hours in a day do you guys got at it? Also, what fraction of it is actually scrimming as opposed to other things like theorycrafting/discussing the draft and heroes you will pick?



  2. Buena suerte en la Major les desea uno de sus fans de habla española, siempre me han parecido increíbles, ademas pienso que son muy buenas personas, me cae muy bien Almirandbuldog, pero el que mas admiro es S4, al ver sus ojos puedo ver la determinación que reside en ellos por alcanzar sus sueños. Se pueden ganar batallas y perder la guerra y ganar la guerra y perder batallas, no olviden nunca que su objetivo es la international, tengan eso presente.
    Respecto al Dota 2, la verdad me encanta tanto como me encanta el starcraft, soy un fanatico de MC de starcraft y pienso que la defensa es la táctica mas fuerte, pero quien soy yo para darles consejos a ustedes, considero que S4 es uno de los mas grandes estrategas de guerra que existen, solo comparable a otros grandes estrategas de batalla como pompeyo, napoleon, o el mismisimo hitler, quien invento la tactica del relámpago o BLITZKRIEG en aleman (GUERRA RELÁMPAGO), es sin duda un gran estratega, pero tambien admiro a suntz tsu y su libro el arte de la guerra y otros autores al respecto. Mis mayores respetos para ustedes.


  3. Good luck in the Major wishes you one of the fans of Spanish-speaking, have always seemed incredible, also think they are very good people, I really like Almirandbuldog, but I admire most is S4, seeing his eyes can see determination that resides in them to achieve their dreams. You can win battles and lose the war and win the war and lose battles, never forget that your goal is international, have that in mind.
    Regarding the Dota 2, really I love me as much as I love starcraft, I’m a fan of MC StarCraft and I think the defense is the strongest tactic, but who am I to give advice to you, I think that S4 is one of the greatest military strategists in the world, only comparable to other great strategists battle as Pompey, Napoleon or hitler, who invented the tactic of lightning or German blitzkrieg (lightning war), is certainly a great strategist, but also I admire suntz tsu and his book the art of war and others about it. My greatest respect for you. WOOW the translation is amazing, gooogle translator is amazing. XD


  4. Good luck to you all. I will be cheering VERY loudly for you guys! The results are secondary, focus on going out there and doing your best.

    PS: I will be making a video (school project) about eSports. I’m doing this because I think it’s important for people to know about eSports, and I think that it would be very nice if I could get someone from eSports to say a few words in my video. So I’m was wondering if you would be interested in saying a few words that I can include in the video.
    (Sometime in the next few months)

    I really admire you, keep doing everything you do! 😀


  5. Hey! It is me, again. Dont know if you remember me the 4Head guy, :). Nah, it doesnt matter if you remember me or not, but i am so grateful that you actually replied to my comment. I appretiate the way you connect, and communicate with your fans. Pro dota 2 gamers are now literally pop stars now, but many players are so close with fans. By the way, this blog is actually much better than Dong’s stream. He never notices the plebs, you know.
    Anyway, it is a bit sad that Alliance lost to Vega in Captain Draft,i was hoping you guys would win. However, it is Captain Draft, as you said it is not thaaaaat important. Now it is time for Shanghai Major, the very forst step of RoadToTi6. I am pretty sure Alliance will reck EG in the major, and you know Bulldog will go like KreyGasm. Good luck on the majore, i will be watching and rising my dong for the Dong and the team.


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