Shuffleboard, billiard and practice

Been quite busy after we got back from China. Last week me and Bummi went to a Michelin star restaurant, we were at Bummi’s parents for dinner, went out to play shuffleboard and billiard with friends, seeing my sister and so on. When we get back to practice again (tomorrow) it’s a bit harder to schedule things so better do it when we have a small break after a major tournament!

Our friend Reuben’s aquarium
A little sneaky moray

Also used the time to try to finish a mobile application I’ve been working on whenever I’ve had time over the past year. Will try to upload it this week to App Store so it will probably be available to play in 2-3 weeks. Game will be free to download, gonna write more about it later as soon as it’s finished! 🙂



Starladder trophy

I got the Starladder trophy delivered to me today and as you can see in the picture below I’m very happy about it :D. The reason I’m getting it is because I won it by playing rock-paper-scissors against S4 and Bulldog (EGM got the trophy from G-1 league in 2013 and Loda got a trophy from Dreamhack Bucharest in 2014) so it was either S4’s, Bulldog’s or my turn to get a trophy. Bulldog lost first, leaving me and S4 in a 1 vs 1  battle but if I recall correct I just went with the same choice as I did the first time and S4 thought I would be next level and swap. Luckily for me I just went with the flow and didn’t think too much, or maybe I knew he would think I would be next level so I took it to another level? Either way, I’m very happy that I got the trophy and very grateful that Starladder took the time to send it to me!

Akke Starladder Trophy.JPG
Trophy hype!!

Today was a day off from practice so me and Bummi decided to go to the movies and after that we made veg taco. When I was abroad to an event and we ordered food from somewhere we ordered so much so we got a free bottle of wine which I brought home. We decided to try that today but it turned out to be spoiled or something. It was a bit sparkly and it smelled really weird so it had to be thrown away. Oh well, water is tasty as well! 🙂


Just watched Empire versus EG in the Captains Draft tournament. Was fun to see Empire take a game from EG even though they lost in the end! We are playing Vega tomorrow and the winner will face EG in the upper bracket finals.

Gonna watch Bummi play Skyborn (an RPG game on Steam) now before it’s time to sleep! 🙂