Bubble Pop Heroes

Bubble Pop Heroes is a puzzle/action mobile game available for both iPhone and Android and it’s free to download. I started to work on it a year ago but with all the practice and events it’s been very hard to find time to actually finish it. With that said, I’m very happy that it’s now ready to be released and looking forward to get some feedback from you guys!

If you are on an iPhone or Android device you can download the game here!

Your kingdom is under attack! The Rainbow Bubble Army is slowly marching towards your borders, and they’re here to devour all of your time! You must take control of one of the amazing Bubble Pop Heroes to defend the borders and save the kingdom!

You start the game by choosing a hero (there are 4 heroes in total right now) but if it’s the first time you play you will only be able to choose the first one. The other ones are available to buy for Crystals that you get from playing the game or spending real money in the Bubble Pop Shop. You also have the option to watch ads for some free Crystals!

IMG_6027.PNGWhen you get into the game you play by dragging your finger from one color on the bottom and upwards. By doing that, you shoot a bubble (and hopefully get a combo). When you clear bubbles you fill the container on the bottom with the same color of the bubble that you cleared and when all the containers are full your super power is activated. Each hero has its own super power; for example Big Leo shoots a big bubble that clears everything in its way and Dr. Squizzard has a split shot.

The high score on the leaderboards is the combined score of all heroes, so if you manage to get 10’000 points on each hero your score will be 40’000.

If there is something you don’t understand or have an idea on how to improve the game, please just write a comment and I’ll answer as soon as I can! Looking forward to see you guys beat my high scores :).

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