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First day in China

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Been in the practice room most of the day with just short food brakes. We woke up quite early today, around 5 am because of jet lag. Since I can go to sleep pretty much everywhere and anytime I can adjust my sleep schedule most of the times while we travel so I don’t get so jet-lagged and I guess this time it worked out quite good as well. Staying awake until around 11 pm today so tomorrow will feel like just any day. Achievement “Overcome jet lag” unlocked! 🙂

Loda in the practice room!
Some nice-looking pastries from the breakfast.
The practice room. It’s basically a normal hotel room but they removed the beds and added some desks. Works fine though!

Tomorrow is media day so we are gonna go to their studio to take some pictures and record something. Other then that we have scheduled some scrims to warm up before the group stage that starts the 26th for us. All groups are played on different days so group A play the first day, group B the second one and so on. We are in group B so we are playing the second day.

*EDIT Wrote we were in group C first which was incorrect 🙂


26 thoughts on “First day in China”

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated! Really fun to read your posts and see pictures.
    But aren’t you in group B and play the second day?
    Or is the info on wiki.teamliquid wrong?
    GL HF


  2. Min bror bor i Shanghai så har varit där och hälsat på han några gånger och jag måste säga att hotell frukost i Kina är nog det konstigaste jag varit med om! Dom serverade bland annat varm apelsinjuice.. ^^
    Hoppas ni känner er taggade och förberedda inför matcherna, lycka till! 🙂

    Also, Loda ser 10 år yngre ut med den där tröjan. ^^


    1. Haha ja, det är lite 50/50 på de ställena vi varit på. Ibland så är frukosten super nice och ibland är det som du säger, lite skumma saker som händer.. ^^

      Tack! 🙂


  3. Hi Akke,
    I wish you guys the best of luck for the tournament!
    Is there any way I can send you an email about a lineup/strategy I’ve been cooking up that would fit your comfort heroes and playstyle really well. It is explained in a few sentences!

    Would be an honor to contribute!
    Best wishes!


    1. Hello and thank you!

      I’m glad you want to help us but we have a lot of strategies and game plans worked out as well and it’s very hard to just take something and use it without understanding it yourself to 100%. Thank you for wanting to help though, very nice of you!


      1. Hi Akke,

        Thanks for responding! That’s a pity but I totally understand. I will try to contact you after the major again when you have more time. Best of luck for the main event! I will be cheering for you guys!


  4. Hey Akke, I think that the “Information” given in The Alliance’s Facebook Page should be updated, as the only DotA 2 players mentioned in the team are Loda and you. Also, you should put some of your blog updates in that page, as a lot of Alliance followers don’t know about this amazing website and it will be awesome for them to read, and look at the pictures, like ourselves currently reading and enjoying everything you share with us. Maybe you can suggest it to the person that manages the team’s page. Good luck! I have a lot of Faith in this Team, like Chen does 😀


    1. Hello! I will look into that about the information that is there. Regarding to put my blog there I think it’s hard since it’s my personal blog and not that related to the team. If we put my blog there we should probably put Bulldog’s stream link and maybe everyone’s Twitter as well and then there is no end.. 😀 At least I usually tweet when I’m writing an update here so most will notice! It is a good thought though, thanks!


  5. while you are in Shanghai, remember to have some soup dumplings! I don’t like the city but the food is good! I guess there will be someone native take you guys having delicious food there lol

    It’s amazing you don’t feel jet lag. It usually takes me a whole week to go back to normal. But in my case us is so far away from China sad face
    Gl in group stage and in final XD


  6. “Since I can go to sleep pretty much everywhere and anytime”

    Akke bane confirmed

    All jokes aside, good luck man, I’ll be cheering you on every game until the Grand Final victory 😀


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